The Third Set

Regain Your Smile And Restore Your Confidence!

The Third Set At Oakdale, Leicester

Implant Supported

Implant Supported

Dental Implants

Same Day

Your FIRST SET (baby teeth)
and SECOND SET (adult teeth) were fixed and firm.
Let us help you to have a THIRD SET
which is natural, beautiful and strong and will allow you
to smile and chew with a confidence.

Implant Supported Dentures And Bridges

If you already have false teeth that you cannot get on well with, or if you have your own teeth which are loose or broken, then this can affect your ability to smile and chew leaving a devastating effect on your self-confidence.

Let us help you by providing a dental implant solution which removes bad teeth and provides you with beautiful, fixed replacement teeth that can be designed to your exact specifications.

We provide you with natural looking teeth allowing you to chew and smile with complete confidence.

Dental implants are like false tooth roots. When we insert them into the jawbone they become firmly attached and can then be used to either anchor a single tooth or work with other implants to anchor a full set of teeth.

If the whole jaw needs a full set of new teeth, instead of placing many implants, we can usually place just four or six dental implants, and these support the full jaw of fixed teeth in place.

Our Patients On Their Implant Journey

What is the Third Set?

We can use dental implants to anchor a full set of beautiful teeth securely to the jaw.
We can use a DENTURE which is secure but can be clicked in and out or a BRIDGE
which is firmly screwed in.


Fixed teeth
Beautiful smile
Removable for easy cleaning
Fee from £12000 per jaw
Temporary teeth provided


Fixed teeth
Beautiful smile
Teeth are fixed in place
Fee from £15000 per jaw
Same day fixed teeth are possible

Implant Supported

Once the implants are placed, we can provide a full jaw of teeth that can be removed. This solution is known as an implant retained denture.

The main advantage of this restoration is that it can be clipped in and out which allows it to be easily maintained and thoroughly cleaned.

Implant Supported

An implant bridge is a full set of teeth which are screwed onto the implant so that they cannot be removed except by a dentist.

The main advantage of this treatment is that your own teeth can be removed, and fixed teeth can be provided immediately without having to wear removable temporary teeth during the traditional healing period.

The Third Set
The Third Set

Dental Implants

All On 4 is a specific brand name for a system of placing a full set of false teeth on four implants.
This is a common treatment in dentistry and is certainly some- thing that we provide at Oakdale Dental if it is appropriate.

Dental Implants
Same Day Teeth

As mentioned above, with the implant bridge solution (if it is possible) then we are able to remove your bad teeth, place implants, and put the fixed bridge on all on the same day.
That way you come in with fixed teeth and leave with fixed teeth. It’s a life changing treatment!
The Third Set

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At Oakdale Dental can talk through all your options for replacing a single missing tooth or many missing teeth. Let us help restore your confidence and smile.

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