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Dental Crown in Leicester

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In 4 Simple Steps

Step 1: Scan

No more discomfort when taking teeth impressions.
We scan teeth precisely using the CEREC Omnicam.

Step 2: Design

Our software allows you to see your restorations instantly after them scan.

Step 3: Create

A piece of ceramic material is inserted into the CEREC milling machine to produce a precise replica tooth.

Step 4: Finishing

The crown is stained, glazed and finished in a furnace before it is ready to be fitted.

CEREC crowns

is suitable for

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  • Broken, chipped, worn out or damaged teeth
  • To replace missing teeth when supporting dental implants
  • Can also be used to mask discoloured teeth or straighten teeth using veneers

Our cosmetic dentists use their expertise and creative skills to produce quality restorations for a smile that is healthy, natural looking, and beautiful.

At Oakdale Dental, we provide modern solutions so that our patients receive the best in patient care. Patients wanting CEREC crowns, veneers, onlays/inlays travel to us from all over Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, and the rest of the Midlands.

CEREC A Smile In An Hour
CEREC A Smile In An Hour
CEREC crowns

The benefits include

  • Reduced treatment time, as only one visit required
  • No need for temporary restorations
  • No gooey impressions required
  • Precise measurements taken using a digital scanner for a perfect fit
  • Quality, custom made CEREC veneers, crowns, inlays and onlays produced on site

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CEREC A Smile In An Hour

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