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Types of Implants

Types of Implants in Leicester

The dental implant options depend on your individual needs. Your free initial consultation with our Patient Care Coordinator is the start of your dental implants journey, and it can provide you with information on the options available. But to help you get a sense of what’s available prior to your appointment we have outlined some treatment options below.

Dr Alif Moosajee is a qualified specialist oral surgeon with a particular interest in placing and restoring dental implants

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Single Tooth Replacement, Leicester

Single Tooth Replacement, Leicester

Dental implants are strongly recommended for replacing a single missing front or back tooth. A single implant supported crown is placed in the gap thus avoiding the need to wear a single tooth denture or cutting other teeth to support a bridge (as these options can be uncomfortable and difficult to maintain).
Multiple Tooth Replacement, Leicester

Multiple Tooth Replacement, Leicester

If you have more than one missing tooth then it is essential to get these missing teeth replaced before it causes more damage within your mouth, and the best way to do this is using a more economical solution rather than having an implant for each missing tooth; two or more implants are placed in the gap to join multiple teeth together, and crowns or bridges are fitted over them.

Replacing lost or missing teeth will give you new strength and stability that allows you to eat what you want, as well as preserving your jawbone and facial appearance.

Total Replacement – When All The Teeth Are Missing

When all of the top or bottom teeth are missing there are two implant treatment options: fixed bridges or removable dentures. The treatment which is best suited for you will depend on a variety of factors, such as your budget, quality of your jaw bone, and overall health (smoking, medical history, etc).
Multiple Tooth Replacement, Leicester

Implant Supported Fixed Bridges

Implant supported fixed bridges are a great way to replace an entire row of teeth on either the upper or lower jaw. You cannot take the fixed bridges out yourself (unlike the removable dentures), and only your dentist can remove them if required for maintenance purposes. This option may be suggested if you do not wish to wear full removable dentures, especially if you find them uncomfortable to wear, or difficult to maintain. In this case 6 or 8 implants are placed in the jaw and bridges are fixed over them. They function in a similar way to natural teeth.
Multiple Tooth Replacement, Leicester

Implant Supported Dentures

Loose dentures can be embarrassing socially and painful to chew with. This problem tends to get worse with time and advancing age. The main reasons for this is atrophy (shrinkage) of the jaw bone which supports the denture in which the ridges become flatter with age. The other reason is that the oral mucosa – the skin upon which the dentures rest, becomes more delicate and tender with age.

Implant supported dentures allow you to snap them on to your implants yourself. The more implants you have fitted will mean better retention. These dentures provide an affirmative and firm support, making them secure and much more efficient for chewing. The implants bear the majority of the load therefore eliminating the pain caused by pressure from the denture.

The dentures can be removed for cleaning and placed back over the implants. This method is simpler and cheaper compared to having a full set of fixed dental bridges.

All of our dental implant based treatments can make a real difference.
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Dental Implant Reviews

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Ela EH

“I had a surgery for 2 wisdom teeth. Dr Al-Sarraj explained the surgery. His patience and kindness is unique! 5 months of pain and no doctor wanted to remove them because it was very close to the nerve and I could be paralysed, but I can now smile again. I came out smiling and singing. Thank you for everything.”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

John Morley

“Exceptional service and care. My dentist was an absolute gentleman who clearly takes pride in his work.

I had a dental implant in a front upper incisor. The final result was outstanding. My smile is finally back.

Thank you to all involved.”