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Cost Of Dental Implants Leicester

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The Cost of Affordable Dental Implants, Leicester

This is a frequent question and people are rightly justified in wishing to know the costs of this treatment. The price of dental implants in Leicester is subject to the number of teeth that need replacing and the number of implants used. Those patients with a higher quality and quantity of jawbone may need less implants to achieve the required stability.


Patients looking for cheap dental implants in Leicester will often end up with a large bill due to many hidden costs. At Oakdale Dental you can be assured that that our fees are transparent, we provide you with a price that covers all elements of the treatment, and we are confident enough to give you a FREE 5 year guarantee on all dental implants.


A single dental implant costs £2995. We can also offer finance plans for up to 5 years to make dental implants more affordable. Having dental implants is a cost-effective investment due to them lasting years, or even a lifetime.

Why Choose Us For Dental Implants


£2995 per implant


FREE 5 year guarantee on all dental implants
(*T&C’s apply)


FREE Consultation with our dentist


In-house CT Scanner


In-house bone grafting


Late night opening on Thursday until 7:30pm


Specialist dental implant referral centre with expert staff


Flexible finance plans to help with treatment fees

What Does The Cost Include?

  • Removal of the tooth
  • Cleaning of the extraction socket (where necessary)
  • Simple (internal) sinus lift
  • Placement of the implant (immediate or delayed)
  • Provision of a temporary partial denture (where necessary)
  • 5 year guarantee

Please book a consultation appointment and we will be happy to discuss your case and options.

Cost Of Dental Implants

Dental Implants Made Affordable With Finance Options In Leicester

How much is your peace of mind and health worth to you? For many people, the chance to become a new, confident person outweighs the price of any dental treatment.

At Oakdale Dental, we aim to make it more affordable by offering different options to help with the cost of private dental treatment. We have 0% interest free finance, as well as other competitively priced flexible finance options.

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O4 / Explore our finance plans to help with treatment fees

O5 / Discuss IV sedation if you are a nervous patient

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At Oakdale Dental can talk through all your options for replacing missing teeth and restoring your confidence and smile.

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How Much Does A Dental Implant Cost In Leicester?

Dental Implants

Individual Quote Given Following Consultation With Your Dentist
Front Tooth Implant
Fr £3495
Back Tooth Implant
Fr £2995
Full Arch Implants With Bridge
Full Mouth Implants With Bridge
Full Arch Implants With Denture
Full Mouth Implants With Denture

Dental Implant Reviews

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Ela EH

“I had a surgery for 2 wisdom teeth. Dr Al-Sarraj explained the surgery. His patience and kindness is unique! 5 months of pain and no doctor wanted to remove them because it was very close to the nerve and I could be paralysed, but I can now smile again. I came out smiling and singing. Thank you for everything.”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

John Morley

“Exceptional service and care. My dentist was an absolute gentleman who clearly takes pride in his work.

I had a dental implant in a front upper incisor. The final result was outstanding. My smile is finally back.

Thank you to all involved.”

Dental Implants
For Missing Teeth, Leicester

Whether you are missing a single tooth or you’re missing multiple teeth, we know how gaps between your teeth can affect your self-confidence and your ability to smile.

Here at Oakdale Dental in Leicester, we offer the broadest range of dental implant and denture services; the most permanent solution for missing teeth. Being a specialist referral centre, we also take on many referrals from other dentists for all oral surgery procedures, including:

O1 / Single tooth replacement
O2 / Multiple teeth replacement
O3 / Full set of teeth replacement
O4 / Implant supported bridges

Dental implants genuinely improve the quality of life for people who lose their teeth. They provide high levels of comfort and improve a patient’s self-confidence. Implants are now routinely used in Leicester, and the UK in general, as they are considered the most permanent and up to date system for restoring both tooth appearance and function.

What Is A
Dental Implant?

Dental implants have been used successfully for over 30 years to replace missing teeth and fixing loose dentures. They are made from pure titanium, and when placed in the jaw the dental implant bonds firmly with the surrounding bone. This can then be used to support a crown or a bridge or dentures. They are essentially made in the shape of a cylindrical or tapered screw of about 3 – 6 mm in diameter and 6 -16 mm in length. Generally they function in a similar way to the roots of natural teeth.

Dental implants can be used to replace:

O1 / a single missing tooth
O2 / multiple missing teeth
O3 / a full replacement of the top jaw, bottom jaw, or both

What are the benefits of having Dental Implants, Leicester?

Being a specialist referral dental practice for oral surgery, Oakdale Dental can help with all your issues related to missing teeth. Restoring missing teeth with dental implants has several advantages over removable dentures and conventional dental bridges.

1. Dental implants are independent, freestanding units. There is no need to cut and damage adjacent healthy natural teeth for use as supports (as in conventional bridges).

2. As dental implants are attached to the bone, they offer greater stability than older methods such as gum mounted dentures.

3. Dental implants are solid, long lasting, and offer a very close look and feel as natural teeth. Like normal teeth, dental implants require care and attention; with maintenance, they are known to last for decades.

4. In some situations when too many teeth are missing it is not possible to place a fixed dental bridge and hence placing two or more implants to support crowns is the only option.

5. When teeth are lost the jaw bone and gums begin to shrink. Placing dental implant supported crowns helps to preserve and protect the jaw bone.

Our Dental Implant Procedure

Our 5 Stage Process For Tooth Implant Placement